That’s a Wrap!

That’s a Wrap!

We at 3 Rogues Gaming want to thank everyone that came and visited us at the 2021 GenCon event.   We also want to make sure to thank all of the GenCon event staff that had the patience with us to make this event an amazing experience for us.  We are already looking forward to see you next year and GenCon 2022!

Here is a picture slide show of our event and the people that participated.

Night before GenCon

Night before GenCon.

Twas the night before GenCon, and all through the game hall, all the GM’s were exited for the rest of the week with excited gamers in their head.

Thank You!

Our Kickstarter for ZomPie funded! We can’t thank everyone enough. We will only post updates on the key milestones over the next few weeks so we don’t load up your inbox:

  • Funding supplied and order placed with DriveThruCards
  • Shipment of the games from DTC
  • Receipt of the games, overcheck, packaging and shipping out to you

If you have any questions between our updates, please reach out to us at

Again, thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

3 Rogues Gaming

Todd, Darrin, & J.