A viral epidemic has rendered the world a wasteland, there is no cure to stop the infection from spreading. Small pockets of resistance have slowed the transmission rate of the disease by providing pies to the infected. The resistance is calling these pies, “ZomPies” as they are only fitting for consumption by the “Zombies” which hunt them. Can you find all the ingredients in time to stave off the hungry Zombies or will you fall to the vile masses or worse, become one yourself?

Grandma needs your help, she signed up for the local bake sale to make one of her award-winning pies, but her bursitis is acting up and is preventing her from making her pie. Can you help Grandma make the pie and save the day or will you disgrace Grandma by not getting your pie made?

You are Ichabod Crane racing the other players through the “Haunted Woods.” A player suddenly turns into the Headless Horseman and chases Ichabod to try and turn him into another Headless Horseman, can you reach the covered bridge 1st before you lose your head?

We all know and love Darwin Award stories, now you get the opportunity to make up your own story based on the cards you are dealt: Action, Death, Location, Object and for advanced play Announcement. Darwin Awards is a party card game for 3 to 8 players ages 14+