Headless Horseman Board Game

You are Ichabod Crane racing through the haunted woods. Can you be the first player to reach the covered bridge and not be defeated and turned into a Headless Horseman? Each player chooses a numbered movement card to play, discards that card and moves their game piece then draws a replacement movement card so they maintain 6 cards in their hand. Play rotates to the left each time with players moving their pieces along the paths through the haunted woods. At the beginning of the 4th round, each player is dealt a Curse card but players don’t look at it. As each player begins their 4th turn, in order they will turn over the Curse card to see if they have been cursed and become a Headless Horseman. Staying in the playing order, the Headless Horseman player(s) will use their movement cards to chase down the remaining Ichabods and turn them through battle. If Ichabod runs out of hit points, they are converted to a Headless Horseman. If a horseman runs out of hit points, they are sent back to one of the graveyards and can continue the chase. Any Ichabod that reaches the covered bridge on the opposite side of the board wins, but if all players are turned to horsemen, the horsemen win.