ZomPie the card game

A viral epidemic has rendered the world a wasteland, there is currently no cure to stop the infection from spreading. This is not an airborne virus but is transmitted through bodily fluids. Two thirds of the population are infected and no one knows what will happen when the remaining humanity goes extinct. Infected individual symptoms include gray pale coloring of the skin, open lesions, blackening veins, sunken eyes, missing teeth and foul breath. Other symptoms can include: extreme hunger, cravings for fresh meat, cannibalistic tendencies, limited vocal ability and a shambling walk.

The small pockets of resistance have effectively slowed the transmission rate of the infection by providing pies to these infected individuals. Although the infected do prefer fresh meat, these pies have in short order slowed the horde of infected from seeking further mayhem within the immediate areas of quarantine. Where pies are placed, these infected, or as some call “Zombies”, stand ready awaiting handouts of more pies. As scavengers, these “Zombies” are looking for an easy meal as opposed to expending energy to chase down lunch which they may or may not catch.

The resistance has come to calling these pies, “ZomPies” as they are only fitting for consumption by the “Zombies” which hunt them. Among the favorite pies are: Fresh Pustule Pie, Moldy Toe Crumble and Crusty Scab Pie. Most ingredients like maggots, toe nails, green vomit and canned farts can be gathered from within the quarantine area, however, other ingredients such as Putrid Arms, Moldy Toes and Crushed Eyeballs must be gotten from the Horde.

As a horde baker, it is your responsibility to make pies to save the small numbers of humanity. Can you find all the ingredients in time to stave off the hunger at your doorstep or will you fall to the vile masses or worse, become one yourself? Good Luck, may the baking gods be with you!

Good Luck, may the baking gods be with you!

ZomPie artwork by Tanner Hebel: thebel117@gmail.com